BlaBlaCar unveils its future Parisian headquarters

BlaBlaCar unveils its future Parisian headquarters

In spite of the health crisis, BlaBlaCar remains focused on its long-term development projects. At the beginning of 2022, its 400+ Parisian employees will move into the new headquarters. Currently under construction, the first images have just been unveiled.

Paris – Nov 4, 2020

Environmental design from day one

More than a year before the planned move, BlaBlaCar reveals the first photos and videos of its future Parisian headquarters, located in the Bastille district of Paris. The environmental responsibility and the human dimension have been foundational to the project. When the teams move at the beginning of 2022, they will be able to benefit from a one-of-a-kind building.

Modelling of BlaBlaCar’s future headquarters in Paris in 2022 (see all HD photos and video)

In line with BlaBlaCar’s environmental commitment, the building, designed by Studio Vincent Eschalier and the 6e Sens Immobilier group, aims to be a reference in responsible office building practices. The materials chosen are sustainable: wood, minerals, limited use of plastics, etc. More than 75% of waste is recycled during construction. The building complies with the most demanding energy and environmental standards, such as the BREEAM International level “Very Good”, a standard for assessing the environmental performance of buildings.

BlaBlaCar’s employees, settled on 4 floors of offices, flexible shared spaces and a living space on the 5th floor, will have access to a 170-seat auditorium, a kitchen area on each floor, a fitness and yoga room, as well as a rooftop equipped with a small sports field and a vegetable garden. “We sought to create a place that is as close as possible to the habits, aspirations and lifestyle of our teams, explains Muriel Havas, Head of Facilities at BlaBlaCar. In the continuity of our current offices and in respect of our DNA, we want to make our headquarters a social hub where our employees can meet, exchange and collaborate.

A solid vision despite the crisis

The health crisis has been a catalyst for change in terms of working conditions. The current offices have been fully adapted to the sanitary requirements. All of BlaBlaCar’s 700 employees around the world have worked remotely for several months and a new hybrid remote organisation is currently being developed for  2021, with a more flexible approach.

Nicolas Brusson, Co-founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, comments: “In spite of the Covid-19 epidemic, our fundamental long-term vision persists. We are evolving towards a hybrid organisational model offering flexibility and freedom through remote working, while being aware of the importance of meeting in a common place that embodies our values, in order to maintain social cohesion and team dynamics. »

The BlaBlaCar and 6e Sens Immobilier teams gathered around the model of the future headquarters in October 2020.

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