BlaBlaTour reaches the finish line!

BlaBlaTour reaches the finish line!

Our BlaBlaTour 2015 is coming to an end after meeting thousands of members in 90 cities!

It’s been a long summer — road tripping through 17 countries and meeting our amazing members in 90 cities all over the world as part of our BlaBlaTour 2015!

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What happened during this BlaBlaTour 2015?

Over 2,400 ridesharers took part! However, every single BlaBlaTime event was different and as unique as the members that came. Some events were big (like the New Delhi BlaBlaTime breaking the record with 109 attendees!) while others were small, but the feel of every event was the same.
blablatour ridesharers
The focus of each event was the community — a time for members to get to know each other and the team behind BlaBlaCar. We talked about carpooling experiences as well as many other topics over some nice food and beverages. And of course, there was the chance to win some goodies to take home.
We also received lots of feedback from members on what they liked or what could be improved on BlaBlaCar so that we can work together to make the service meet your needs and wants. It’s a key part of why we do the tour as it’s our members that know best how we can improve.

blablatour ridesharers

So where did we go?

We drove through a whopping 17 countries in our bright blue tour cars! Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, UK, Hungary, Italy, India, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico and Russia.

BlaBlaTour 2015 ridesharers

Thank you!

It really was a lot of fun and we loved getting to know you all. It’s thanks to you that are able to change the future of transport with carpooling! We look forward to an even bigger tour next year with some new countries on the road map.

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