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Commuter carpooling : BlaBlaLines reaches 1 million members

Launched across France in Spring 2018, the commuter carpooling app BlaBlaLines created by BlaBlaCar reaches 1 million members. In the context of heavy disruptions in public transportation and in the wake of the adoption of France’s new mobility law, this symbolic figure reveals the growing need for and integration of carpooling services in the daily lives of French people.

Béatrice Dumurgier joins BlaBlaCar as Chief Operating Officer

BlaBlaCar names Béatrice Dumurgier Chief Operating Officer (COO) and member of the Executive Committee starting on October 1. Based in the Paris Headquarters, she directly reports to Nicolas Brusson, CEO and co-founder of BlaBlaCar, taking the lead on global operations for carpooling and buses.

BlaBlaCar offers to acquire Busfor to expand global bus offer

Acquisition of the leading bus player in Russia and Ukraine will significantly increase BlaBlaCar’s inventory of bus carriers, and improve the convenience of booking buses online in the region

BlaBlaCar launches BlaBlaBus in Europe

BlaBlaCar has broadened its mobility offer beyond carpooling by launching in June BlaBlaBus in 5 European countries : France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. From now on, passengers can book bus seats to 300 cities.

STUDY – Carpooling saves more than 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 a year, whilst doubling the number of people traveling

BlaBlaCar today announces the release of Zero Empty Seats, a global study into the environmental impact of carpooling. The report, conducted with French research institute, Le BIPE, is the first study based on real usage data from BlaBlaCar’s community of 70 million carpoolers.

BlaBlaCar makes an offer to acquire Ouibus and secures €101 million investment

BlaBlaCar, the world’s leading long-distance carpooling platform, today announces that it has made an offer to acquire Ouibus, a subsidiary of SNCF and market-leading French bus operator. This will allow BlaBlaCar to broaden, for the first time, its mobility offer beyond carpooling. BlaBlaCar also announces a €101 million investment involving SNCF and existing BlaBlaCar investors.

BlaBlaCar acquires Russian carpooling platform Beepcar

BlaBlaCar and Mail.Ru Group, the largest internet business in Russia by daily audience, announced a partnership. As a part of this, BlaBlaCar will acquire Beepcar, the Russian carpooling platform launched in 2017 by Mail.Ru Group.

BlaBlaCar and AXA launch unique car insurance

Competitively-priced car insurance designed for carpoolers is now available to BlaBlaCar’s members in France Exclusive advantages include no excess to pay for damage that occurs while carpooling

BlaBlaCar acquires urban carpooling company Less

BlaBlaCar today announces that it has acquired urban carpooling company Less. Created in October 2016 by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle and five other co-founders, Less is a real-time carpooling app for use within cities.

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