Happy holiday season!

Happy holiday season!

From the 100 million BlaBlaCar members

Dear BlaBlaCar friends,

To thank you for sharing the road with us once more in 2021, we’d like to send you something special.

BlaBlaCar reached a big milestone this year: its community now counts over 100 million members, sharing journeys and great stories across the world. To celebrate, we invited members to share their best carpooling and bus experiences through a unique interactive map.

Here are some of their most incredible stories. Want to be surprised, moved or simply feel the power of great human connections? Just click on the map to discover our member testimonials, and search for more!

Thank you for your continuous support. As you can see, amazing things happen when we bring people together.

We wish you and your loved ones a joyful and safe holiday season. 

The BlaBlaCar team

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