Ridesharing Meeting Points

Ridesharing Meeting Points

Best practices and tips for meeting your fellow ridesharers.

Drivers! Ridesharing allows you to not only cover your fuel costs, but meet great members of the BlaBlaCar community too!

When carpooling, drivers need to let their passengers know where to meet them. You choose carpooling meeting points, at the beginning of the journey, at the end of the journey and at any and all points on route!  Together, you share the journey and split the costs of long-distance travel.

Choose a carpooling meeting point

Choose Wisely!

Choose carpooling meeting points that is easy for passengers to find and is convenient for you to stop at. It’s important to choose a specific meeting point, and to communicate clearly about it with your passengers so that they can find you. Here are some examples of places for you to meet your passengers at:

Central Locations

We understand that drivers don’t wish to be stuck in traffic when coming into the city center to pick-up passengers. But if you see that you’d be able to come closer into a city to pick-up passengers, you’ll be much more likely to fill-up your car!

Train Stations

Train stations are often the easiest to find no matter what town you’re in, with ample parking in the area and a cafe in which to take a break. Be sure to ensure there is not more than one train station in the town and if so, specify which one you would like to meet at.

Public Transportation Stops

In large cities, specifying a public transportation stop is ideal, as passengers will often use public transportation to meet you and if not, it’s easily found on a map of the area or by asking a local.

Shopping Centers

In some towns, simply agreeing to meet in the carpark of a shopping center can work well.  Be sure to agree on where in the carpark to meet and, if the weather permits, stand outside your car to be easily recognized.


If you find yourself starting your long-distance journey from the airport, why not pick up passengers also arriving at the same time?  Short-term carparks are often the best place to meet, but as airports can be large, be sure to stay in constant contact with your passenger(s) before meeting.


Festival travel is perfect for carpooling, but meeting your passengers at a festival can be tricky. Luckily, many festivals offer a special carpark for carpooling, making the perfect meeting point for you and your passenger(s)!

No matter what the carpooling meeting points …:

Keep the following best carpooling practices in mind

  • Organise in advance. The more precise you can be in specifying an easy-to-find meeting point, the better.  Do your research to identify a convenient place.
  • Pay attention. When meeting at a train station or other urban areas, don’t stop in taxi zones, bus parkings, or other reserved areas.
  • Be on time. If you’re late, notify your passengers.
  • Stopovers: Be especially considerate about choosing stopover meeting points along the way.  Choose meeting points that are accessible for passengers, but don’t cause you to deviate too far from your route or get stuck in traffic.  If possible, choose stopover meeting points in or near cities so as to appeal to passengers who may want to travel the same way!
  • It’s always easier to find a car with a BlaBlaCar Sticker on it.

With these key tips in mind, are you ready to offer your ride?

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