Rideshare in the Tesla Model S: Car of the Month

Rideshare in the Tesla Model S: Car of the Month

If you’ve ever been curious about carpooling in a Tesla, here’s your chance.

This month, we are hanging out with Wolfgang, a university lecturer, and his Tesla Model S in Germany.

From 0 to 100 in 4.4 seconds, the Tesla is a car with a lot of futuristic technology, says Wolfgang. With this car, you wouldn’t think of it as just an electric car but you can hear it (or not — since it’s so quiet). The acceleration is smooth and rapid. The car can even steer itself, giving you an almost Knight Rider feeling.

Tesla Model S Germany Rideshare

A small display in the center console allows the spacecraft to feel even more futuristic. The battery can last for about 400 kilometers before you have to stop at a Tesla Supercharger station. About 3,000 of these vehicles are currently on German roads — joining Wolfgang and his passengers.

If you would like a chance to travel with Wolfgang, you should search for rides between Hamburg and Berlin — his main journey.

Wolfgang, can you tell us about your car?

I’ve always been impressed by special cars; for 10 years, I was driving a Trabi. The Tesla is a car for technophiles like me. It is not only fun, but also offers many advantages: I am being eco-friendly and driving without noise and exhaust.

Tesla Model S Germany BlaBlaCar

How do your passengers respond to Tesla Model S?

They are excited to ride in my advanced car, which is the only one that can be used electrically and comfortably for long distances. You can even play with the integrated streaming service DJ. Recently, the Spotify app has been integrated into the operating system. Connoisseurs and enthusiasts ask me often about amenities such as:

  • How often do you have to recharge the vehicle?
  • How does the autopilot technology work?
  • How did you get your dream car?

Sometimes, I have to make recharging stops during the trip but it doesn’t bother people. The stops usually take only 10 to 20 minutes. One time, a BlaBlaCar member contacted me about a ride when my trip was unfortunately fully booked, but he still wondering whether he could ride in the Tesla in the future.

Why did you join BlaBlaCar?

For 40 years, I offered a carpooling service but through posters at the university I teach. As a university lecturer, I know that many students rely on affordable alternatives available online. I always enjoy travelling with good company when I visit my family in different parts of Germany.

tesla model s wolfgang

Do you have a special car? Share your story with us!

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