To channel our growth while staying close to our core mission, our team has crowdsourced six BlaBlaPrinciples that act as a compass guiding our behaviours and decisions across our offices worldwide. Together, they are the foundation of our company culture.

Our objective is to create value for the members of our carpooling community. To do so, we need to walk in their shoes, drive in their cars, have empathy for their needs and constraints. We are users of our service, members of our community.

We learn and grow collectively as a team. We build internal knowledge, and will all be better at our jobs and grow as professionals by learning from other teams and sharing information rather than retaining it. We also share learnings with the rest of the ecosystem.

We are innovating, taking risks, building an entirely novel solution, walking on unbeaten paths. We will sometimes fail along the way. That’s part of the story, and we will collectively learn from these failures to become stronger as a result.

We dared to imagine a travel solution that did not exist. But the idea is nothing without the execution. Great ideas come with bold decisions, and the diligence to deliver on them. There is a time to Dream. A time to Decide. And a time to Deliver.

Lean means avoiding waste.
– A creative start-up spirit is nurtured by frugality and a smart use of resources that will enable long-term sustainable growth.
– Our product should be lean and create a simple user experience to offer the most value.
If you know when you want to go (far), you can make the right choices to remain lean.

Individual Seriousness actually enables Collective Fun. When you take what you do at heart, and work seriously, there is room for everyone to have fun together, and enjoy the ride. We are committed to a Fun & Serious work environment.

These six BlaBlaPrinciples were derived from a collaborative company-wide process, which took place in late 2017, five years after the first version of ten Principles had been crowdsourced from BlaBlaCar’s first 60 employees. The team felt that as the company evolved, so should its Principles. Former Principles are still part of who we are but the six ones outlined above are what we collectively have chosen to be explicit about in our next phase.

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