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BlaBlaCar to acquire online bus ticketing platform Busfor. Read the article

BlaBlaCar's Chief Executive speaks to Megan Lampinen about tackling environmental concerns through shared journeys. Read the article

CEO and co-founder of the French ride-sharing company, Nicolas Brusson, tells Martin Friel how it will solve ‘the empty car seat problem’. Read article.

Carpooling saves more than 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 a year, whilst doubling the number of people travelling. Listen to the podcast here.

BlaBlaCar, a carpooling app, on Tuesday said drivers listed 184,000 rides — three times more than an average Tuesday. BlaBlaCar is hoping that the strikes will help lure commuters to BlaBlaLines, its new short-distance, commuter carpooling service. Read article.

BlaBlaCar is in 22 countries spanning four continents, and it’s dead simple to use. (...) With Blablacar, there’s a sense that drivers and passengers are on a level playing field; that the relationship isn’t just transactional. Read more here.

BlaBlaCar announced an effort to optimize its ride-sharing for long-distance rides for people who don’t live in major hubs. In addition, the company has a new logo. Read more on TechCrunch.

The startup is unveiling a new look and features designed to expand its utility and appeal to a greater range of users. Read the article here.

Long distance carpooling is a new option in the public transportation tab displayed by Google Maps if you're looking to travel on long-distance rides between two cities. More information on TechCrunch.

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