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Rising fuel prices: carpooling takes off, according to Nicolas Brusson, CEO of BlaBlaCar. Watch the interview.

BlaBlaCar reaches 100 million members, partly due to the price of fuel. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar launches insurance and driving coach. BlaBlaCar's insurance offer is accompanied by a smartphone application that studies driving and provides road safety advice. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar, leader in carpooling, opens its capital to all its employees. On the eve of the opening of the Vivatech trade fair, BlaBlaCar hits hard by unveiling its new employee shareholding policy. The goal: to attract new talent and increase team engagement. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar speeds up on daily carpooling. Better than the subway or train? With BlaBlaCar Daily, the carpooling leader hopes to reach 300,000 monthly trips by September and attract about 10 million users in the long term. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar raises $115 million to build all-in-one travel app. French startup BlaBlaCar has raised a new $115 million funding round (€97 million). While the company is better known for its long distance carpooling marketplace, BlaBlaCar has also added a bus marketplace with the acquisition of Ouibus and an online bus ticketing platform with the acquisition of Busfor. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar builds an engineering hub in Ukraine. As BlaBlaCar wants to accelerate the offline to online transition of the bus market and has strong hiring ambitions in Ukraine to get there, Vasyl Krivonos, Chief of Staff at BlaBlaCar in Ukraine, talked to DOU about the company strategy. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar withstands the crisis better than trains and planes. During the pandemic, the carpool leader saw its ridership drop by only 30% on average, while those of the plane and train fell by more than 60%. It even gained market share on these two competitors. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar, the first "mafia" of French Tech. With about thirty entrepreneurs left its ranks, the tricolor scale-up is the one that trains the most in business creation. This phenomenon, which uses the codes of the “PayPal Mafia” in Silicon Valley, is another marker of the progress of the French ecosystem. Read the article.

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