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BlaBlaCar reaches 100 million members for its 15th anniversary

BlaBlaCar was created in 2006 with the simple idea of turning wasted car capacity into a community-based travel network. After 15 years of building a global shared mobility solution, BlaBlaCar’s community now counts 100 million members around the world. Doubling in size since 2018, the company pursues its major growth in Eastern Europe and LATAM.

BlaBlaCar offers to all its employees the opportunity to become shareholders

• 100% of employees will be equity holders • This new equity policy aims to attract more talent, with plans to recruit 260 people in 2021, and foster the team’s entrepreneurial mindset • $15M worth of shares have already been cashed-out by employees or ex-employees in secondary deals.

BlaBlaCar announces a $115M funding to boost its growth ambitions

BlaBlaCar announced today that it has raised $115M (€97M) to support its growth strategy, as it plans to expand its lead. BlaBlaCar showed strong resilience throughout the Covid-19 crisis, offering a travel solution better suited to the constraints of the crisis and benefitting from a more agile, fast-adjusting travel network. BlaBlaCar gained market-share across its markets, and is well positioned to respond to evolving travellers’ needs in the post-crisis new norm. The platform also announces the acquisition of Ukrainian company Octobus as part of its plan to foster the digitalisation of bus operators outside of Europe.

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Rising fuel prices: carpooling takes off, according to Nicolas Brusson, CEO of BlaBlaCar. Watch the interview.

BlaBlaCar reaches 100 million members, partly due to the price of fuel. Read the article.

BlaBlaCar launches insurance and driving coach. BlaBlaCar's insurance offer is accompanied by a smartphone application that studies driving and provides road safety advice. Read the article.

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