Super member Pedro celebrates 7 years of travelling with BlaBlaCar

Super member Pedro celebrates 7 years of travelling with BlaBlaCar

Since using our platform in 2009, Pedro has not looked back! The loyal member shares his experiences as a driver and a passenger.

Pedro has been a BlaBlaCar member since 2009 when he started using our platform in France. The telecommunications engineer recently chatted with the Spanish team about the evolution of BlaBlaCar and his experiences. Let’s find out what he had to share!

Hi Pedro! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m 32 years old and currently live in Madrid, although I am originally from the region of Extremadura. I also lived for several years in France, where I first learned about BlaBlaCar. I am a telecommunications engineer, and my company works with other companies in the railway safety industry.

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Thanks for being one of our first members! Why did you start using BlaBlaCar?

Well, I first heard of BlaBlaCar during my stay in France. When I came back to Spain in 2009, the platform had just launched in our country and so I was happy to use it again. At the beginning, it was difficult to find trips from Madrid to Extremadura. But I was looking for the same trip today, and there are many rides!

What differences do you see when using BlaBlaCar now?

Over the past few years, I have seen many great changes in the service and platform. There are more trips and the member profiles are verified. The age limits have changed so I see many older people — probably with the encouragement and recommendation of their children — offering and sharing rides.

Have you tried BlaBlaCar as a driver?

Yes, I have used BlaBlaCar as a driver and passenger. I started as a passenger in France and Spain. It wasn’t until I bought my car that I started posting trips as a driver. I take all kinds of trips, mainly to see my family — my parents in Badajoz or my sister in Bilbao. My friends and I also travel together, and we end up posting a trip to fill the empty seats with other members.

You must have had so many memorable journeys. Can you tell us about your favourite?

One of the trips where I had the best time was when I was going from Bilbao to Madrid. I had picked up three passengers who were first-time users of BlaBlaCar. After we got to know each other a little bit more, their nerves went away and we chatted the entire trip. We had a great time! It’s a trip I remember fondly because those four hours really flew by!

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Thanks for spending the afternoon with us, Pedro!

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