Meet Rober and Sandra: YouTubers and BlaBlaCar ambassadors

Meet Rober and Sandra: YouTubers and BlaBlaCar ambassadors

The Spanish creators of From Euskadi to the World are giving us a peek into their lives as travelling reporters.

Rober and Sandra — of Basque and Andalusia, Spain, respectively — are creators of From Euskadi to the World, a YouTube channel focusing on travel. As BlaBlaCar ambassadors, they love using the platform for their road trips. Read on to see what kind of travellers they are!  

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Hi guys! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Hello! We are both journalists and our medium is television. That’s why everything we’ve done over the years is on our YouTube channel. It’s hard for us to turn off our journalist brain, so if you join us for a trip we’ll probably end up doing an interview without realizing it! We are curious by nature, and we love to talk (that’s why it says “BlaBla” in our profile).

Besides reporting, what are your hobbies?

We love to travel, especially by car. We’re big fans of BlaBlaCar! We visit Cadiz from Euskadi all the time, so having BlaBlaCar really helps. For us, a thousand miles traveling in the car is nothing. The important thing is to have the passion for it and to enjoy the journey. Don’t worry about the distance to your final destination.

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Why did you create From Euskadi to the World?

We started From Euskadi to the World because we really liked YouTube. When we started to see how people were using YouTube while travelling — well, we didn’t think twice!

Between the two of us, there will always be different perspectives on different subjects. Even the regions we’re from (Rober is from the north, and I am from the south) has offered a lot of variety in our reports. We like to cover a little of everything, from great food to interesting places. But most of all we like to explore cities. Even on a time crunch, like we did with Cadiz in one hour.

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When did you start using BlaBlaCar?

Our friends had recommended BlaBlaCar to us because we spend so much time on the road. They told us the trips would be more entertaining and affordable. And the truth is they were absolutely right! We have met many wonderful travellers who have shared recommendations with us on their hometowns. We’re also planning on travelling all over Spain to highlight the best parts of each city.

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Follow along with Rober and Sandra’s travels on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can also reach them via email.

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