Let’s support Ukraine and Superhumans 💙💛

Let’s support Ukraine and Superhumans 💙💛

Ukrainians still need our help. BlaBlaCar is partnering with the NGO Superhumans to fundraise for prosthetics for Ukrainians injured during the war. Will you join?

After 1 year of the full-scale war, Ukraine needs help more than ever. The full-scale war has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Every day, hundreds of Ukrainians are injured, including traumatic amputations. Approximately 10,000 Ukrainians will need prosthetics, rehabilitation and psychological support.

During 2022, the BlaBlaCar community showed tremendous solidarity in enabling each other to find transport to a safer place and to see their loved ones.

BlaBlaCar continues to stand with Ukrainians.

Together with the Ukrainian NGO Superhumans Center, we are launching a fundraising campaign in 16 European countries to provide prosthetics for people who have been injured. The campaign is aimed to fundraise 250 000 EUR. 100% of the funds will be transferred to Superhumans to install prostheses for adults and children in need.

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BlaBlaCar has already committed to making a 50 000 EUR donation, we invite you to join us to help Ukrainians!

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the BlaBlaCar community has been supporting Ukraine, and Ukrainians.

During this time:

– More than 4 million people could leave the unsafe areas and see their loved ones during the first months of the war. Ukrainians offered most of these trips free of charge.
– In Western Europe, BlaBlaCar buses, connecting main cities in 9 countries, were free for Ukrainian refugees.
– In Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, drivers offered free trips and took as many passengers as they could.
– BlaBlaCar supported the public initiative #підвезуЗСУ, where Ukrainians could give a free ride to the defenders of Ukraine by using a special hashtag in the description of the trip.
– In the summer of 2022, in the face of a catastrophic fuel shortage, BlaBlaCar and OKKO Filling Station Network offered drivers an increased fuel limit of 30 litres per refuelling. This allowed drivers to continue to bring benefits to people.

Give a hand

The NGO Superhumans Center is a clinic for prosthetics, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery for all those affected by the war in Ukraine. The mission of the Superhumans Center is to build high-quality expertise in prosthetics and high-tech medical interventions in Ukraine; to treat Ukrainians who got injured at home, close to their families.

Everything in the clinic will be completely free for patients. Superhumans is not a commercial project and will never become one. It will be funded by donations from major international foundations and private donors. After the successful launch of the clinic in the Lviv region in the spring of 2023, Superhumans may be scaled up to other regions of Ukraine.

Website: https://www.superhumans.com/

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