BlaBlaCar acquires Klaxit to strengthen its short-distance carpooling offer

BlaBlaCar acquires Klaxit to strengthen its short-distance carpooling offer

BlaBlaCar today announced the closing of the acquisition of Klaxit, France’s leading short-distance carpooling operator. With the integration of all Klaxit employees and the strengthening of its offer dedicated to local authorities and businesses, this acquisition is a milestone in BlaBlaCar Daily’s strategy to bring carpooling to every car commute.

Paris – April 11, 2023

In order to make short-distance carpooling part of French drivers’ habits, BlaBlaCar launched in 2018 the BlaBlaCar Daily app, which enables people to share commutes and optimize the use of cars on a daily basis.

Today, with this acquisition, BlaBlaCar aims to integrate Klaxit’s activity in a complementary way to BlaBlaCar Daily, in the segment of services to local authorities and companies. Since 2012, Klaxit has developed expertise in meeting the specific needs of these organizations in terms of sustainable mobility. At a time when daily carpooling appears to be an obvious solution that can be deployed immediately to complement the public transport offer, Klaxit is working with more than 50 local authorities across France to subsidize residents’ journeys and make carpooling an economically viable alternative to the private car. Klaxit also supports over 350 companies in facilitating and organizing their employees’ commutes.

The aim of this merger is to continue over the long term the partnership model built up and promoted by Klaxit with local authorities, by leveraging the BlaBlaCar brand and its unique expertise in user experience, with the shared objective of converting even more drivers to carpooling. By 2024, this union could lead to the merger of Klaxit and BlaBlaCar Daily into a single application, combining the strengths of each to offer an optimized service for all users, local authorities and businesses.

At a time when the French are looking for suitable solutions to support their purchasing power and cope with the energy crisis, commuter carpooling is growing steadily. However, there are still more than 10 million drivers who use their car alone every day, which increases the importance of our efforts to offer them solutions tailored to their needs and constraints, enabling them to get around more economically and ecologically.

This requires bold political decisions, such as the launch of the Forfait Mobilités Durables (Sustainable Mobility Package) in 2019 and the introduction of the €100 Carpooling Bonus by 2023, as well as an increase in partnerships with local authorities as part of the Carpooling Plan, all supported by the development of effective tech solutions for organizing everyday commutes.

Since 2012, Klaxit has been building, step by step, a model able to get short-distance carpooling off the ground. First with companies, then with local authorities and finally with regulators, until by 2022 over 2.6 million journeys had been made. To go even further and convince even more citizens, we needed a brand known to all and a community of several million members. So it was an obvious choice to team up with BlaBlaCar.
By combining our strengths with those of BlaBlaCar, we’ll be able to gain precious years and give ourselves every chance of succeeding in the mission we set ourselves: to have a real social and environmental impact by making it possible for millions of people currently alone in their cars to carpool on a daily basis.
2023 is the year when commuter carpooling is set to change scale in France, with a real awareness of energy issues and an unprecedented government plan to accelerate the transition to carpooling. Over one and a half million journeys were shared last year with BlaBlaCar Daily, but there’s still a long way to go before it becomes a habit for the majority of drivers. The acquisition of Klaxit, a French start-up whose team has recognized expertise in mobility for local authorities and businesses, will reinforce our strategy to contribute to this necessary societal and environmental change, echoing the ambitions of the Carpooling Plan launched by the Government to achieve 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 avoided per year.
- Nicolas Brusson, co-founder & CEO of BlaBlaCae

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