BlaBlaCar and AXA launch unique car insurance

BlaBlaCar and AXA launch unique car insurance

Competitively-priced car insurance designed for carpoolers is now available to BlaBlaCar’s members in France
Exclusive advantages include no excess to pay for damage that occurs while carpooling

Paris, 29th May 2018: BlaBlaCar, the world’s largest carpooling community, today launches a unique annual car insurance product developed with AXA, a global leader in insurance. The cover is specifically designed for drivers using BlaBlaCar, with the unique benefit that there is no excess charged for damage that occurs whilst carpooling. The cover is first being offered in France, with the possibility for further future roll-out.

Founded in 2006, BlaBlaCar has turned long-distance carpooling into a mainstream form of transport, with more than 14 million members in France and over 60 million worldwide. BlaBlaCar and Axa wish to offer drivers of this large and fast growing community a dedicated insurance product.

Uniquely designed for carpoolers, the new annual car insurance product – called BlaBlaSure/Axa – is available in three tiers:

  1. third-party liability;
  2. intermediary including theft and fire;
  3. fully comprehensive insurance covering all risk such as fire, theft, and collision damage.

Members can get a quote directly from BlaBlaCar’s platform, select their favoured option as well as choose a courtesy car option or zero mile roadside assistance if needed. The underwriting process is quick as it is fully conducted online.

Research by BlaBlaCar suggests that carpoolers are better-than-average drivers, making them eligible for a lower premium on their car insurance.  Policy pricing with BlaBlaSure/AXA will adjust to reflect the volume of claims over time, so the carpooling community will be further rewarded for its responsible driving.

The new offering builds on an existing partnership with AXA, started in 2015, which provides in France roadside assistance for BlaBlaCar members during carpooling trips and the option to buy back a franchise. Now, the partnership is going even further with BlaBlaSure/AXA, by offering holistic coverage that drivers can use as their sole car insurance policy. Both parties are working to ensure that this offer will eventually be extended to other European countries.

Nicolas Brusson, BlaBlaCar’s co-founder and CEO, says, “Carpooling is a way to cut the cost of driving through sharing. With this unique product, we’re helping to make car ownership even more affordable for our members in return for their contribution to the carpooling community. In the longer term, we’re excited to explore opportunities to offer insurance that’s even more tailored to our community and its driving habits.

Our partnership with BlaBlaCar results from our ambition to become the platform economy’s preferred insurer and create unique solutions to accompany new modes of mobility such as carpooling.  We adapt our offer to remain close to drivers and users, each time they need us. With this announcement, we extend the protection proposed to BlaBlaCar members, reaching a new milestone in the strategic collaboration between our two businesses” says Guillaume Borie, Chief Innovation Officer at AXA Group.

Brusson continued: “AXA has been a trusted partner since 2015, and has been quick to embrace innovation. We’re delighted to extend our partnership to offer our members tailored, market-leading coverage.

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