BlaBlaCar’s First Impact Report

BlaBlaCar’s First Impact Report

BlaBlaCar announces the release of its first Declaration of Extra-Financial Performance for 2022, an audited report detailing the company’s main social and environmental contributions.

Paris – June 9, 2023

Since its creation, BlaBlaCar has leveraged technology to develop greener, more inclusive mobility accessible to the greatest number. With the publication of this first report, BlaBlaCar aims to transparently communicate its performance and ongoing efforts to create a positive impact for the environment, society, its employees, and its wider community.

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Key 2022 numbers

  • 26 million unique active members
  • 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 avoided
  • 90 million human connections
  • 2 million meeting points worldwide
  • €450 million saved by carpool drivers

1.5 million tonnes of CO2 avoided with BlaBlaCar’s matching technology

BlaBlaCar is a digital platform that connects drivers and passengers traveling in the same direction. With more optimised vehicles on the road, the platform contributed to saving 1.5 million tons of CO2 in 2022. With fewer cars on the road, cities and local communities can also benefit from lower atmospheric pollution, congestion, and improved air quality.

90 million trusted human connections within the community

By facilitating shared trips, BlaBlaCar has developed over the years a community of travelers who help each other on a daily basis as well as in exceptional situations. Each journey brings people from different backgrounds together, fostering meaningful interactions and cultural exchanges.

Access to mobility: 2 million meeting points generated by the BlaBlaCar community

By combining carpooling with long-distance buses on a single platform, BlaBlaCar has developed a highly complementary network that connects big cities and rural areas alike. Its Boost matching technology allows the platform to multiply the number of meeting points, by enabling drivers to find additional passengers on sub-trips along their journey. Globally, 15% of trips were made possible with Boost. This figure goes up to 25% in France, and 30% in Germany or Italy.

€450 million saved by carpool drivers

BlaBlaCar enables drivers and passengers to share the cost of carpooling trips (gas, insurance, tolls, etc.), and caps the price to ensure drivers do not make a profit. Paired with long-distance buses, carpooling is an affordable solution that allows travelers to make significant savings, especially in times of high inflation.

A flexible, diverse and inclusive workplace

The company is dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diverse communities it serves. The report details BlaBlaCar’s approach to learning, its flexible remote policy and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy including recruitment practices, mentorship opportunities and other initiatives to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.

For a detailed overview of BlaBlaCar’s CSR contributions, please refer to the full Declaration of Extra Financial Report below.

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