Let’s welcome Russia and Ukraine to the community

Let’s welcome Russia and Ukraine to the community

Our carpooling platform is now available in Russia and Ukraine.

Paris – 27 Jan 2014

russia ukraine blablacarWe are very happy to provide a new regional service to Russia and Ukraine, the two biggest countries in Europe.

These countries logically fit into our expansion into Eastern Europe. The BlaBlaCar community has made a large number of cross-border trips to and from Ukraine: hundreds of drivers offer a ride from Poland to Ukraine every month.

Moreover, cost of transportation is very high in these 2 countries; BlaBlaCar is happy to offer a cheap and social alternative for national and cross-border trips.

russia ukraine blablacar

12 countries, 6 million members: success story

Born a few years ago in France, BlaBlaCar is now the worldwide carpooling leader, with more than 6 million members and over 1 million members travelling with us every month.

BlaBlaCar is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient all across Europe. It is now possible to travel from Porto to Moscow just with BlaBlaCar, and to discover a bunch of different nationalities and cultures during your trip!

As BlaBlaCar’s philosophy is to stay up-to-date with the local needs of our community, we have local teams in seven offices across Europe: Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Warsaw, Hamburg and now Moscow, too.

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