Top 14 Weekend Getaways in Europe

Top 14 Weekend Getaways in Europe

We’ve narrowed down the best cities to carpool to when you’re short on time but want to explore.

Mamaia beach: weekend getaways in Europe

1. Mamaia: 230km from Bucharest

Situated on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, Mamaia is a lively resort boasting an impressive 8km-long beachfront where you can enjoy the fine sand and the impromptu beach parties. Known as the Ibiza of Eastern Europe, it’s a perfect choice for people who love having fun.

2. Nizhny Novgorod: 430km from Moscow

An old and beautiful city, Nizhny Novgorod gives you an insight into Russia’s heartland. With its mashup of cultures and many historical monuments, you can easily get lost here wandering around the streets and simply enjoying the laid-back ambience.

Zadar for a weekend getaways

3. Zadar: 158km from Split

Filled with Roman ruins and medieval churches as well as cosmopolitan cafes and ultra-contemporary architectural installations, Zadar certainly fuses the old and new. This intriguing city is not too crowded and oozes character at every corner. Its beautiful sunset is not to be missed!

4. Lublin: 169km from Warsaw

Lublin looks like a ready-made medieval film set, and what’s more, it comes with its very own castle. Exploring the old town and soaking up it’s history and vibrancy is the perfect way to spend a few days.

weekend getaways to Lviv

5. Lviv: 540km from Kiev

With quaint cobbled streets and remarkably preserved Gothic and Renaissance architecture, Lviv is brimming with charm. With smiling locals and its rich and wonderful dining scene, you’ll enjoy the magic of this thriving city during your weekend break.

rideshare to Lisboa

6. Lisbon: 313km from Porto

Sun-soaked Lisbon is definitely the place to wash away the grey of Winter. Its charming, pastel coloured cityscape and beautiful coastline makes for one of the best weekend getaways. This illuminated city will dazzle you with its charm and maritime magic.

7. Brighton: 85km from London

When you think ‘island’, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t England. Still, it does have some character seaside to offer, and Brighton is at the top of the list with it’s ornate pier, fairground amusements and fish and chips, all bordered by tumbling green cliff sides. Also to-do; shopping is as eclectic as the booming nightlife.

8. Belgrade: 379km away from Budapest

At the intersection of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade is considered by many as one of the most exciting capitals in Europe. Stroll through its lively streets and soak in the colourful scene. Make sure to check out the Kalemegdan Citadel, the historic crown jewel of the city.


9. Malaga: 530km from Madrid

This port town boasts a humble 324 days of sunshine a year on average – it’s no wonder the locals are so friendly and outgoing. Even though the weather is hard to beat, Malaga is not touristy, which is surprising given it includes sites such as Picasso’s home and the Roman ruins which remind us of its ancient roots.


10. Deauville: 199km from Paris

Come here over Easter and you’re likely to find yourself immersed among Parisians who have escaped the city for a sure chance of good seafood and a touch of nature. It’s a far cry from the business of Paris, but also close enough that you can make this a day trip if you’re not able to kick back seaside for too long.

11. Würzburg: 278km from Munich

Renowned for its art and architecture, Würzburg is home to some of Germany’s finest Baroque structures. What’s more, it’s central position in Franconian wine country makes for the perfect stop-over for wine tasting.

12. Lake Balaton: 104km from Budapest

Only an hour or so away from Budapest is the beautiful Lake Balaton, where the locals come to play water sports on the weekend and cool off during the hot summer. The sight of blue is refreshing in landlocked Hungary, and the ambience is always fresh and fun. Also in Summer, the lake comes alive for the music festival Balaton Sound.


13. Karlovy Vary: 127km from Prague

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, a weekend getaway to this spa town is a perfect treat. Make sure to visit the Pramen Vřídlo geyser which goes up to an impressive 12m high. It’s a very popular resort spot for the locals.

Cinque Terre (2)

14. Cinque Terre: 235km from Milan

Dating from the 7th century and classified as Unesco World Heritage since 1997, these five beautiful fishing villages set on one of the most picturesque seaside scenes in Europe will certainly take your breath away.

getaways in Europe Cinque Terre

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