From sharing rides to books: A member’s entrepreneurial journey

From sharing rides to books: A member’s entrepreneurial journey

Brazilian entrepreneur Ismael created Bookshare, a sharing platform for avid readers like him.

BlaBlaCar member Ismael lives in Curitiba, where he recently created a platform for sharing books. Bookshare allows users to lend and borrow books across the country. He recently shared his thoughts with us about his new project and the sharing economy:

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How does Bookshare work?

It’s an online platform where you can lend and borrow books. You can also review the books available online or search for a particular book by category or author. Just like on BlaBlaCar, users leave ratings for borrowers and lenders. You log in through your social media network or register with an email. I created this platform because I wanted to encourage reading through sharing physical books.

Why did you start using BlaBlaCar?

I usually drive 5.5-hour to São Paulo or São Bernardo do Campo for work once a month. I started using BlaBlaCar to make new friends and share experiences, and it’s making my trips much more enjoyable!

In addition to carpooling and sharing books, do you use any other sharing economy platforms?

Yes, I’m a big fan of the sharing economy! I use Airbnb and Tem Açúcar (a platform that enables neighbours to share assets), among others. I like to share goods and services because I’m a big believer that “consumption” and “purchase” will be replaced by “sharing” in the future. It is an irreversible trend.

In Lisa Gansky’s book, “The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing,” the author advocates that collaboration between entrepreneurs, suppliers and consumers will shape the future of the economy. And it’s something I believe in wholeheartedly!

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