Are you driving the extra mile for love?

Are you driving the extra mile for love?

Many of our BlaBlaCar members are couples who are in long-distance relationships. But which country shares the most romance?

So we wanted to find out: who drives the extra mile for love?

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As we’re sure you know, a long-distance relationship can really put a strain on your wallet because of all the travel expenses. But luckily, our lovely couples can see each other as much as they like by carpooling with BlaBlaCar (you’re welcome, Cupid). But here’s what we really want to know: Which country drives the farthest for love? We did a survey and here are the results:

survey rideshare drive for love

Who would have thought the French would be beaten by the Germans when it comes to romance? We’re also happy to see that the UK isn’t too far down the list. Do you want to prove our stats wrong? Start carpooling now and drive for love!

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