10 Tips to Get More Passengers

10 Tips to Get More Passengers

If you are a driver with a few empty seats, here is some advice for your rideshare!

1. Offer your ride as soon as you can

People tend to plan their trip as early as possible. So the sooner you offer your ride, the more likely you are to fill your car!

2. Give a specific departure point

Passengers need to know exactly where you’ll be leaving from, so give them clear instructions on where to meet you. Plus, it will save you from answering lots of questions. Give a specific address, e.g. “Stanmore Tube Station, London”.

3. Include a stopover point

Offering to pick up people along the way is a certain way to fill your car. Add stopover points to get more passengers. If your stopover is a large city, choose a meeting point on the outskirts to save time.

4. Provide details about your ride

The more information you give about your ride, the more likely someone is to book as it saves him/her from needing to ask questions.

Example of a ride comment:
“I’m going to Manchester to visit my family for the weekend. I’ll be leaving from Stratford Tube Station at 10 a.m., just in front of the car park. Don’t forget to bring some tunes for the stereo!”

5. Complete your profile

Add a photo of yourself and your car, and fill in your bio — passengers like to know who you are and what car they’ll be travelling in. You can take a photo using the mobile app. 

6. Be reactive

Respond promptly to messages and calls. Don’t forget to update the number of available seats in your car when they get booked. 

You’ll be even more reactive using the mobile app!

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Day of the ride

Happy passengers leave better ratings

7. Contact your passengers

Touch base on the day of your ride to confirm the details with your passengers. You can see each person’s phone number above the private message he/she sent you. Happy passengers will leave you better ratings, meaning you’ll get more passengers in the future. 

8. Look after your passengers

Passengers like to travel in comfort: clean your car, take regular breaks and drive safely!
 If you don’t have a big car, don’t take any more than two passengers in the back seat.

9. Be punctual

Your passengers count on you to be at the departure point on time. If you’re unexpectedly delayed, let them know.

After the ride

Drivers with ratings get more passengers

10. Leave a rating

Most passengers who receive a rating leave one in return.

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