Our favourite summer destinations in France

Our favourite summer destinations in France

Where should you go on vacation this summer?

Warm weather, sun and chill: Summer is here! Still wondering how to take advantage of the long summer days? Then you’ve come to the right place to discover the most beautiful cities in France. Check out our favourite summer destinations, which are all just a rideshare away!

Summer destinations marseille

French summer destination n°1: Marseille

The city’s natural landscapes have been featured in many movies and were a favourite subject among many great painters. And it’s one of our favourite place to enjoy the summer. Marseille is definitely worth a visit. Think outside the box and discover the city in a more authentic way through the wonderful recommendations of our BlaBlaCar members.

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Summer destinations nantes

French summer destination n°2: Nantes

Want some fresh air during the weekend? Why not take a little break in Nantes? The city has all it takes to brighten up your summer. Don’t miss out on the local delight, berlingots. Nantes’ sweetness is not a myth!

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Summer destinations biarritz

French summer destination n°3: Biarritz

Located by the sea near the Spanish border, Biarritz is the perfect city to escape to for the weekend. This charming little town on the Basque coast is known for its vast cultural heritage, delicious food and surf spots. You’ll definitely have the urge to rideshare there!

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