How chatty are you in the car?

How chatty are you in the car?

When you join the BlaBlaCar community, you can declare how chatty you are in the car. Don’t know your level? Take our test to find out!

You may wonder why we are called BlaBlaCar, it’s a funny name, right? And there’s a funny story behind it, too! When every member joins they tell the community a number of things about themselves on their online profile. It’s important because when members choose to share a journey together they like to know a bit about each other first. And so, one of the interesting things that every member declares about themselves is how chatty they are in the car.

Bla, BlaBla or BlaBlaBla?

It’s very simple, you can choose between three levels of chattiness:

be chatty during your rideshare not very chatty
enjoy your ridesharing enjoys a natter
talkative and fun ridesharing won’t shut up

Of course, your BlaBla preference is not set in stone and it doesn’t commit you to talking exactly that much in the car on every single journey and not ever a word less or more! The point is to let you know that you can feel comfortable enjoying the ride to some music, just as you can expect to travel with some fascinating conversationalists. And you are also allowed to say which one you prefer, on your profile but also on every journey. In short, it’s your choice!

Now that you know the whole story, you should sign up and create your own online profile, let your fellow BlaBlaCar members know what you like to talk about in the car … and tell us all where YOU are on the BlaBla scale!

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bla, blabla or blablabla

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