BlaBlaTour is coming to a city near you

BlaBlaTour is coming to a city near you

We have great news: the BlaBlaTour is back for summer 2014!

blablatour 2014 carpoolingThe BlaBlaCar team will be visiting 40 cities all over Europe to meet our members over drinks and nibbles for this year’s BlaBlaTour.

Why should attend the BlaBlaTour?

  • You’ll get to spend some time with other members of the BlaBlaCar community;
  • You can learn more about BlaBlaCar and ask any questions you may have for the team; and
  • We will have fun and play games, plus you could walk away with awesome prizes!

BlaBlaTour 2014 Figures

  • 3 months on the road
  • 9 countries visited: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and The UK
  • Over 15,000 km driven

The BlaBla Car

Our team will be travelling all across Europe in a super cool Fiat 500 L Living which has been kindly lent to us by our partner Fiat, and it has also been customised for the occasion! If you see it on the road, take a picture and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #BlaBlaTour. We’ll send you a small gift in return :)

blablatour 2014 carpooling

BlaBlaTour 2014 Dates

  • Nice (France) – June 2nd 
  • Marseille (France)  – June 3rd 
  • Montpellier (France)  – June 4th
  • Toulouse (France)  – June 5th
  • Bilbao (Spain)  – June 9th 
  • Madrid (Spain)  – June 10th 
  • Lisbon (Portugal) – June 11th
  • Sevilla (Spain)  – June 12th 
  • Malaga (Spain)  – June 16th 
  • Alicante (Spain)  – June 17th 
  • Valencia (Spain)  – June 18th 
  • Barcelona (Spain)  – June 19th 
  • Torino (Italy)  – June 25th 
  • Napoli (Italy)  – June 27th
  • Bari (Italy)  – June 28th 
  • Firenze (Italy)  – July 1st 
  • Bologna (Italy)  – July 2nd
  • Padova (Italy)  – July 3rd
  • Wroclaw (Poland)  – July 7th 
  • Warsaw (Poland)  – July 8th
  • Gdansk (Poland)  – July 9th 
  • Poznan (Poland)  – July 10th 
  • Berlin (Germany)  – July 13th
  • Dresde (Germany)  – July 14th
  • Munich (Germany)  – July 15th 
  • Koln (Germany)  – July 16th
  • Amsterdam (The Netherlands)  – July 17th 
  • Bruxelles  (Belgium) – July 24th
  • Manchester (UK)  – July 29th 
  • London (UK)  – July 31st 
  • Lille (France)  – August 5th
  • Rennes (France)  – August 6th
  • Brest (France)  – August 7th 
  • Nantes (France)  – August 12th
  • Tours (France)  – August 13th 
  • Bordeaux (France)  – August 14th
  • Clermont Ferrand (France)  – August 19th 
  • Lyon (France)  – August 20th
  • Strasbourg (France)  – August 21st 
  • Paris (France)  – August 28th 

blablatour carpooling

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